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Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States Impeached Again

Photo credit to: The White House
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Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)White

On January 13, 2021, 7 days before his term ends, Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States was impeached again by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Donald Trump was charge with incitement of insurrection by a group of Trump supporters mob who took over the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Donald J. Trump claimed fraud that the elections were stolen from him but with no proof.

The U.S. House Representatives voted 232-197 to impeach Trump.

Donald J. Trump was impeached the first time on December 18, 2019 by the U.S. House of Representatives for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. The U.S. Senate controlled by Republicans declare him not guilty on February 5, 2020.

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Happy Quarantine New Year 2021 from Esteban Steven Escobar and Diversity News Magazine

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Happy Quarantine New Year 2021 from Esteban Steven Escobar and Diversity News Magazine


Esteban Steven Escobar, DiversityNewsMagazine.org,

Diversity News TV,

Diversity News Radio,

Diversity Pageants USA,


Diversity News Productions

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Free Hosting or Free Domain For Lifetime At Diversity News Internet Services

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Merry Quarantine Christmas 2020 and Happy Fun Safe New Year 2021!

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2020 has been an Uncertain Year,

hoping year 2021 will be better for all of us.

Merry Christmas and A Happy Fun

And Safe New Year 2021!


Esteban Steven Escobar, DiversityNewsMagazine.org,

Diversity News TV,

Diversity News Radio,

Diversity Pageants USA,


Diversity News Productions

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Trump Campaign Asking for Donations and Misleading That The Democrats Will Try To Steal This Election!

Graphics credit to: SmartNews App
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Graphics credit to: SmartNews App
Graphics credit to: SmartNews App
Graphics credit to: SmartNews App

As we all know the elections are pending to call the winner of the 2020 elections but president Donald Trump campaign are spreading false misleading information. We know Joe Biden has as of November 4, 2020 264 Electoral College and Donald Trump has 214.


On November 4, 2020, The Trump Make America Great Again Committee sent email to their followers to donate money.

The email comes with the subject: The Fake News is wrong AGAIN and when you click to Contribute it shows the following: “The Democrats Will Try To Steal This Election!”

But here is the text of the body of the email to Trump followers:

The Democrats will try to STEAL the Election! President Trump needs YOU to step up and DEFEND the results.

When you click to donate the following text shows:


The President needs YOUR HELP!

We can’t allow the Left-wing MOB to undermine our Election. President Trump needs his fiercest and most loyal defenders, like YOU, to step up and FIGHT BACK!

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW to DEFEND the integrity of our Election and to increase your impact by 1000%!

Something interesting about Donald Trump crying and bringing false misleading information reminds us of 2016 elections when Hillary Clinton won the popularity vote but, he stole the elections from her. Is not that called Karma? What do you think DiversityNewsMagazine.org readers and fans?

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Esteban Steven Escobar Candidate Endorsements For General Elections November 3, 2020

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As of Monday, October 18, 2020, my vote ballot is in the mail to be accepted and counted.

This elections reflects the district where I live. You can not be voting in different districts because that’s illegal.

#Vote #IVoted

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Remembering And Celebrating The Life of The Boys Town Gang Lead Singer Cynthia Manley

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Cynthia Manley arrives at the Paparazzi Comedy at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on November 1, 2012 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage)
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This post will be dedicated in remembering and celebrating the life of the Boys Town Gang Lead Singer Disco Diva Cynthia Manley.

Cynthia Manley was born on Edmond, Oklahoma, January 27, 1955 and die on September 10, 2020.

Producer/DJ Bill Motley created an opportunity to form a group that catered to San Francisco large Gay clientele. So he casted hundreds of vocalists male and female for the group lead position. Entertainer and singer Cynthia Manley made it to the lead spot.

Remember Me“/”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” written by Ashford & Simpson was released with Cynthia Manley vocals. The songs took off to the top of Billboard Magazine Dance Club Songs chart putting them on #5 in USA.

Cynthia Manley was also a humanitarian who participated in by donating her time and money for HIV/AIDS Awareness prevention, research and education.

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Manley

Not only she raised money for HIV/AIDS Walk Los Angeles benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles tru team Diversity News 3960, but she also helped American Cancer Society Benefit by performing at their event.

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Manley
Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Manley

Cynthia Manley tour included Korea and Europe, Brazil…and many more.

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – NOVEMBER 01: Cynthia Manley arrives at the Paparazzi Comedy at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on November 1, 2012 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage)
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – NOVEMBER 01: Cynthia Manley arrives at the Paparazzi Comedy at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on November 1, 2012 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage)
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – NOVEMBER 01: Cynthia Manley arrives at the Paparazzi Comedy at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on November 1, 2012 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage)



EDITOR’S NOTE: This post will be updated with lot os photos and videos. RIP Cynthia Manley. Dear Cynthia Manley was so kind, lovable and beautiful lady. Thank You.

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Boys Town Gang Lead Singer Cynthia Manley Died – Services and Memorial Celebration September 12, 2020

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Photo by Alireza Kia /Alireza Kia Photography

It is very painful for me to share the breaking news that Boys Town Gang Lead Singer, our dearest business, friend and Disco Dance Celebrity Diva Cynthia Manley has died. Cynthia Manley was born on Edmond, Oklahoma, January 27, 1955 and die on September 10, 2020 at 3:00 am.

“Our beautiful angel Cynthia Manley has chosen to move on with GOD. She is now dancing with the angels and singing the choir.” By Unknown.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. KARMA!!! wear good shoes.” said recording artist, singer, performer and Diva Cynthia Manley.

Here are some information about her services and memorial services celebration set for September 12, 2020.

Photo by Alireza Kia /Alireza Kia Photography

Producer/DJ Bill Motley created an opportunity to form a group that catered to San Francisco large Gay clientele. So he casted hundreds of vocalists male and female for the group lead position. Entertainer and singer Cynthia Manley made it to the lead spot.

Remember Me“/”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” written by Ashford & Simpson was released with Cynthia Manley vocals. The songs took off to the top of Billboard Magazine Dance Club Songs chart putting them on #5 in USA.

Please share this with all her fans and friends. Dearest Cynthia Manley was well known as the lead singer of Boys Town Gang and solo artist in the club scene.


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Starting at 11 am or 12 pm

Hooper & Weaver Mortuary‎

459 Hollow Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

(at Hooper & Weaver)

That’s the only service the day.

Memorial Celebration

@ Cynthia Manley House – 5.23acres lot

12812 Pearson Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945


You can also see some of her videos

Photo by Alireza Kia /Alireza Kia Photography. Boys Town Gang Lead Singer, Friend and Disco Diva Cynthia Manley and Steven Escobar
Boys Town Gang Lead Singer, Friend and Disco Diva Cynthia Manley and Steven Escobar.

Dance Club Songs is a chart published weekly by Billboard Magazine in the United States. It is a national survey of club disc jockeys to determine the most popular songs being played in nightclubs across the country. It was launched as the Disco Action Top 30 chart on August 28, 1976, and became the first chart by Billboard to document the popularity of dance music.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This information will be updated soon as we can get more. We apologized for been incomplete but dearest Cynthia Manley was so kind, lovelable and beautiful lady. R.I.P. Thank You.

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ENSE Music Releases “Dark Day” by Marlon Saunders

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On Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Singer-songwriter and record producer Marlon Saunders has released a new song “Dark Day” on ENSE Music.

“Dark Day” is a virtual collaboration with music producer, classical/jazz pianist and all-around synth nerd, John Manni.

John said, “I feel like we actually did something to be proud of, we created something that will make a dent in the world for the better, something to help continued change and give hope at the same time. There were zero egos involved, just the great creator’s work working through us and I am thankful for every single second of this process.”

Also Marlon Saunders said, “The song speaks to the complexities we are facing in The United States of America with systemic racism and systemic racism. The idea of Jesus singing the blues, for me is a very powerful image, allowing the mind to imagine Jesus having a dark hue that is not European.”

“I tried to weave what we are seeing in our country today—the senseless killings of black bodies, hoping conversations could be shared with the idea of honoring life and all black lives. I pray one day we will hold space that is not entangled in hatred.” concluded Marlon

Marlon is a Berklee College Of Music Alumni and veteran in the music industry. He has worked with various artists such as Michael Jackson, Cynthia Erivo, Lauryn Hill, Javier Colon, Billy Joel, Sting, Bobby McFerrin, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, Shawn Colvin, Nine Inch Nails, Jane Siberry, Shania Twain, Martha Wash, and Dance Theatre of Harlem and has toured and gathered singers and directed choirs for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith, Logic, Mondo Cozmo and Andrea Bocelli.

Marlon has contributed to the video game scene as well, particularly games made by Sega. He is best known for doing vocals on both versions of Knuckles’ theme, “Unknown From M.E.” in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. Marlon also performs on the soundtrack to the Burning Rangers game, singing one of the ending songs, “We are Burning Rangers” and has performed a Christmas a cappella version of “Dreams Dreams”, the theme from Night Into Dreams with a small vocal ensemble that can be heard during the ending credits of Christmas Nights as well as on its soundtrack.

Marlon also made a brief appearance in the film Enchanted as a calypso singer who sings “That’s How You Know” with Amy Adams and made a cameo appearance in Billboard Hit singer-songwriter Fawn’s song “Wait For The Sun Black Lives Matter”.

For more information about Marlon Saunders on spotify:






On YouTube

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Billboard Hit Recording Artist Fawn Releases New Song, “Wait for The Sun.” In Support of Black Lives Matter

On the poster Debra Wilson. Photo credit: ©FFD
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Debra Wilson and Fawn.
Photo credit to: Melissa Schwartz

On July 9, 2020, Stonedef Records, Inc., announced that Billboard hit songwriter and recording artist Fawn’s “Wait For The Sun” featuring Debra Wilson. Also joining forces are Joanna Cassidy, Judy Tenuta, Kate Linder, Shanice Wilson and many others in
support of Black Lives Matter.

“After seeing the horrific video footage of Ahmaud Arbery being murdered in cold blood, I couldn’t sleep. It haunted me. Then I heard about Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah
McClain and countless others.” said Billboard Hit Recording Artist Fawn.

Fawn immediately started to reach out to her, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, asking them to join with their voices.

Actress Kate Linder from The Young and the Restless.
Photo credit to: Bob Freeman

“I couldn’t take it any longer, and I can no longer be silent, so I’m adding my voice against the atrocities, injustices and heinous actions people of color go through daily.” concluded Fawn.

“Wait for The Sun” is a song Fawn wrote about struggling and fighting your way through difficult, dark times. The message of the chorus, “Wait for The Sun” is a reminder to hold on because the sun is going to come out again.” A key unifying line is, “let the love remind you we’re one, and wait for the sun.”

Fawn and Cher Rue.
Photo credit: ©FFD
Judy Tenuta and Fawn.
Photo credit: ©FFD

The music video has a handful of soulful celebrities and people uniting for a spiritual journey into cosmic positivity and change. When Fawn saw Debra Wilson’s silent monologue performed to the song, there was one particular moment she felt captured the anguish, pain and frustration of the African American community.

For more information visit: https://www.fawnmusic.com



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Write for Us!

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Looking for an amazing, strong, decent and award winning Mainstream Media “Consumer News Magazine For The People By The People” to share your creative and informative articles?

We are glad that you found us. Thank you for your interest in becoming DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom Contributor Writers, Reporters, Correspondents and Photographers. Want to cover amazing events in your area? Want to share your thoughts with the world? We are a “Consumer News Magazine For The People By The People”, and we would love to share your insights.

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About Diversity News Magazine: Hollywood’s Worldwide Online Consumer News Magazine. DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom was founded in 2009, Diversity News Magazine is an award winning independent online and special digital print edition mainstream multi-media outlet. DiversityNewsMagazine.org mission and purpose is to educate and inform our diverse community worldwide. We focus on featuring and reporting on local, national and international news, Arts & Entertainment, Awards Shows, Breaking News, Celebrity News, Red Carpet Events, Charities, Features, Fashion Shows, Parades, One on One Interviews, Healthcare, Movies, Politics, Sports and more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our diverse cultures.

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DiversityNewsMagazine.org Contributors/Reporters Writers’ Guidelines and Agreement:


You must share article links in all your social media to be considered credible contributor/reporter and to create a fanbase the loves to read your articles/stories with photos or videos.


Paid compensation for articles is not available at this time. We do hope to be able to offer compensation in the future, and any changes to the compensation policy will be updated here. However if you are assigned to cover an event, you may get access to cover A-list, B-list, C-list and D-list Actors & Celebrities and more by attending and report about events, Byline credit only. Contributors must remember that this is a non paid position, providing access to events, establish your writing portfolio, you the contributor receives credit and byline opportunity only when we publish or print your articles/stories.

Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity News Publications is always looking for talented, experienced freelance contributors/writers to enhance our online media magazine, special print magazine, ancillary publications and websites. Our general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to our worldwide Diverse consumers and readers. If you think you can help us do that, then read on.

DiversityNewsMagazine.org, has the following list of writing opportunities we have for contributors/freelancers. To fully understand the list, you’ll need to be aware of DiversityNewsMagazine.org and the categories/sections and departments that make them up.

Before submitting your application via the form below and uploading your draft article, we encourage you to go over the guidelines below.


Make sure that the draft articles you submit to Diversity News Magazine are 100% original, meaning that the content was not published anywhere else on the internet (that includes your personal blog or website).


Please try to keep your article within the 550 – 1500 words range. Anything over 1500 words is difficult to read, and it may be a better idea to split the content across multiple articles.


Please refrain from any offensive or negative tone that may demotivate or discourage our readers. Try to keep it warm and positive. If you’re writing on a sensitive topic, make sure it is not biased and that the facts are checked. It is very important the all contributors must write as 3rd person. You are allowed to write as 1st person, when writing an opinion article, a product or service review. Remember by writing as 1st person you are giving your opinion on a product or service.


At DiversityNewsMagazine.org, formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom we follow the Associated Press style. The Associated Press is an American multinational nonprofit news agency headquartered in New York City that operates as a cooperative, unincorporated association. Freelancers should follow AP style when writing their stories for us. We will make any slight adjustments in the few areas we deviate from AP style, if it is necessary.


DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom Staff and Contributors/Reporters writing format is by utilizing the Five W’s and one H. What are the Five W’s and One H? They are: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. Why are the Five W’s and One H important? Journalism purists will argue your story isn’t complete until you answer all six questions. It’s hard to argue this point, since missing any of these questions leaves a hole in your story. Even if you’re not reporting on the news of the day, this concept could be useful in many professional writing scenarios.


Please upload/email your drafts via PDF, copy to the text to the body email or Microsoft Word formats.

IMAGES: We would appreciate if you provide relevant and high quality copyright free images along with your article.


If you intend to use DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom to write sponsored promotional articles stuffed with keywords and backlinks, then our platform can work for you. Each referenced source or link has to be of high quality and naturally blend with your content. You can endorse a company, their products or services and link them. Email us at: editor@diversitynewsmagazine.org or diversitynewsmagazine@gmail.com


Please do not focus the attention on a specific company or service. Your article needs to have a balanced viewpoint and if any product/company/service is mentioned, it needs to blend in with the nature of the article and be useful to our readers. You can endorse a company, their products or services and link them. Email us at: editor@diversitynewsmagazine.org or diversitynewsmagazine@gmail.com


DiversityNewsMagazine.org is a “Consumer News Magazine For The People By The People”, and we would love to share your insights. We aim to create useful and inspiring content for our readers. Whether it’s for upcoming entrepreneurs, style gurus, health, fitness, or sharing inspiring success stories. Your content has to be relatable. If you’re writing about woodcutting techniques or fires, car accidents, then DiversityNewsMagazine.org is probably not the place.


DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom contributors are professional individuals when writing an article/story are on the field covering an event. Diversity News Magazine contributors have an obligation to the news-makers and shakers to present a fair and balance article/story. It is unethical for contributor/reporter to mention his/her name on the body of an article/story when it shows the he/she is the contributor writer or reporter. Diversity News Magazine contributors can only have photos of themselves on the article/story but they can not mention their name in the body of the article/story because their byline is already there.


In general, we expect freelancers to use good journalism and solid writing in their Diversity News Magazine articles. Here are some specific requirements we ask of our freelancers:

  • Multiple sources. A minimum of two sources. A 450-word story should have no fewer than two sources; a 800-word story should have no fewer than three sources. Occasionally, some short Diversity News Magazine stories/articles have just one source, but that is rare. Bottom line: Do thorough reporting.

  • Diverse sources. DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom has a worldwide circulation in the internet. We are based in Hollywood, California but we are expanding to major cities of the United States and abroad. So it’s important to us that our sources reflect our readership. Freelancers don’t have to hit every county we cover, but they should have sources from more than one. And the more counties covered, the better.

  • Sidebars. Any story 1,000 words or more should have at least one sidebar. Sometimes it’s an info box referring readers to more information from a local organization. Sometimes it’s a list of tips related to the story’s subject. Readers like having information broken up for them and they enjoy multiple points of entry into a story, so we value freelancers who are mindful of that.


Be aware that as a Contributor for DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom, or its affiliates or subsidiaries, these are the terms and conditions that you must comply with:

At no time will you (as a writer, journalist, freelancer, reporter/host, reviewer or intern) or your associates, friends, family or affiliates directly request anything i.e. products, services or event attendance from outside companies as a representative of Diversity News Magazine or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

All requests MUST come through the Diversity News Magazine editorial team.

If you have a story idea, want to attend an event, want to review a product, etc. let us know and provide us with the pertinent information (through our web page interface) and we will contact the company on your behalf or provide you with an Editorial Assignment Document. ALL communications MUST ALWAYS be through our Diversity News Magazine editorial team!

At no time will you, while associated with DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom, or its affiliates or subsidiaries, give out your personal phone number, email address, physical address or any other personal contact information to any contacts made through or on behalf of Diversity News Magazine, or its affiliates or subsidiaries, nor will any of your friends, family or affiliates give out any of their personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical address or any other personal contact information.

All correspondence and communications must come through DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom editorial team.

All submitted articles become the property of Diversity News Magazine in that we may keep your articles posted on our sites for as long as we see fit. You may use your articles in any other publications if you wish.

Any violation of these terms will result in immediate termination of our relationship with you and the immediate notification of companies that you have worked with (on our behalf) that you are no longer associated with DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom , or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have (editor@diversitynewsmagazine.org).

There are many excellent opportunities available through DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom, that will allow you to experience things you may never have had access to before and, often, to receive the VIP treatment! Our sites receive a tremendous amount of traffic, so the articles you post will not only be read all over the world but will also often appear on the first page of Google searches! Keep in mind that this is not a paid position. Diversity News Magazine has been and continues to be willing to take more risks with new writers than other publications.


Please read the guidelines in their entirety BEFORE submitting.


All content must be written by you and must not have been published elsewhere.


You retain the rights to your submission, but DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom, reserves the right to promote/publish any article that is submitted to us indefinitely. Occasionally, articles from the magazine may be republished on the Diversity News Magazine blog, affiliate sites, newsletter, website, or other materials.


If your submission is selected and published in the magazine, you may not republish your article elsewhere in its entirety until at least 5 months have passed, and if/when you do, to include language that states “This article was originally published in Diversity News Magazine” and include a link to our website: http://diversitynewsmagazine.org.

In the meantime, to promote your article, we advise that you share a paragraph or short excerpt from the article to generate interest and include a link to your social medias for them to click your article/story, if they’d like to read more.


Will be assigned at the discretion of the Editor in Chief, and may range from 700 – 1500 words for articles (or as otherwise specified for interviews, photo journals, etc.). Your completed submission may not exceed the assigned word count limit. If you are having trouble meeting the word count assignment, please reach out to the editorial team at stories@diversitynewsmagazine.org before submitting your piece.


We want you to tell your story in your own words. So we will only edit your article for clarity, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. We also reserve the right to change the title of the piece.


A photo release will be required for any photos that are submitted. You (or your photographer, if applicable) will retain all rights to the photos you submit, but Holl & Lane retains the right to use any submitted photos to promote your article and the magazine on social media, the blog, our website, or other materials. Photo credit will always be given to the creator. We will not alter the photos other than to resize them to conform to image size specifications for the magazine, social media, and other materials.


  • The Assignment Desk Editor is who selects, develops and plans reporting assignments, either news events or feature stories, to be covered by contributors/reporters. He/She will provide instructions for your article/story will be provided when you are notified of your pitch/assignment selection. If you are having trouble with the submission system, please contact the editorial team at stories@diversitynewsmagazine.org. In addition, all content and photos must be submitted together in one submission.


If you are a photographer interested in working with us, email: editor@diversitynewsmagazine.org with a link to your profile.  We look specifically for lifestyle photographers. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot personally respond to everyone, however we will be in touch if we would like to move forward.
Note:  All contributors are unpaid, but you will receive credit in the online and digital print magazine.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please email stories@diversitynewsmagazine.org.


About Our Publications

DiversityNewsMagazine.org formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom(publishes weekly/daily/monthly online)

Verified circulation:

Diversity News Magazine articles/stories pieces: 400-1500 words. Currently include:


Diversity News Magazine Special Print Issue Ancillary Publications/Special Sections



If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please email: editor@diversitynewsmagazine.org, diversitynewsmagazine@gmail.com or stories@diversitynewsmagazine.org.

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Esteban Steven Escobar, CEO and Publisher

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Photo credit to: Alireza Kia for DiversityNewsMagazine.org

Esteban Escobar aka Steven Escobar, CEO, Publisher

Esteban A. Escobar (born in El Salvador, Central America on September 6th and U.S. Naturalized on May 20, 2015) is a multi-award winning American journalist, reporter, editor, columnist, writer, producer, director, publicist, radio personality, entrepreneur, accounts receivable specialist, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Steven Escobar started Diversity News Publications when he saw the word Diversity in an office and it’s meaning, he them decided to call his company Diversity News Publications and started branding the name Diversity News. Steven Escobar goal is to promote and raise awareness of Diversity and Inclusion. For those reasons Steven Escobar is known as the man from Diversity.

Esteban is known as Steven Escobar. He is the former Founder, CEO, President & Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine Dot Com, an online & special print consumer news magazine both are available worldwide and are viewed freely by millions of visitors each month.

After setting for over 12 years the successful online footprint of Diversity News Magazine Dot Com. Esteban Steven Escobar is now setting another online footprint with new media site Diversity News Magazine Org

On 7-10-2015, Steven Escobar founded and is the CEO, President and Executive Producer of Diversity News Magazine Awards which launched on 11-5-2016 by sponsoring Diversity Pageants special awards. Also on 7-10-2015, Steven Escobar unveiled the launch of new media outlet named Miss Diversity News Beauty Pageants Magazine.

Photo credit to: Bob Delgadillo from Bob Delgadillo Photography for Diversity News Productions

On November 2013, Steven Escobar founded and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group, a company to help small businesses to be compliant with changes in technology and have a presence online. On July 2013 Steven Escobar founded and is the CEO of Diversity Recovery Systems, a professional consulting and account receivables third party company specializing in healthcare medical collections.

Esteban “Steven” Escobar is also the executive producer and director of Diversity News TV, the host of Diversity News Radio, on Air with Steven Escobar, and the Founder, CEO and President of Diversity News Publications, a news/entertainment multimedia firm in Hollywood, CA. Steven Escobar owns E.E.Enterprises, an affiliate of The Diversity News Publications family of companies.

Steven Escobar is a currently a contributor and writer for CNN.com. Esteban “Steven” Escobar is a former official contributor/writer for the Hollywood and Los Angeles County events examiner for Examiner.com and contributor for Yahoo.com distributed via Yahoo Voices.

Steven Escobar is currently the account executive and media liaison at World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations. Steven Escobar’s former professional affiliations and memberships include being a member and media partner of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles Inc., (Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association) GALECA with voting and membership rights on The Dorian Awards.

Since 2011, Steven Escobar started been involved in the beauty pageant industry. On May 20, 2011 Steven Escobar was a judge for Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011.

In 2013, Steven Escobar became involved with Virgelia Productions producers of Miss Asia USA, Mrs Asia USA and Miss Teen Asia USA Beauty Pageants as their Public Relations representative. In 2014 Steven became involved with Virgelia Productions as consultant publicist for 3rd Annual Miss Latina Global, Miss Teen Latina Global and Mrs Latina Global Beauty Pageants. Also in 2015 Steven Escobar consulting services were retained by Virgelia Productions Inc., to help with online marketing and public relations with the 27th Annual Miss Asia USA, 11th Annual Mrs. Asia USA, Miss Teen Asia USA and 4th Annual Miss Latina Global, Mrs. Latina Global and Miss Teen Latina Global as well 1st Annual Miss Europe Global.

Because of his goals and aspirations in the media publishing business, Steven Escobar has acquired skills in new media including marketing and public relations.

Steven Escobar is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He has covered many prestigious events in Hollywood. Some of them are the 2009 Outstanding Emmy Awards Nominees, 2010 American Music Awards, 2011 American Music Awards, 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominees Announcement, 43rd NAACP Image Awards, 44th NAACP Image Awards, 12th Annual Latin Grammys Nominees Announcement, 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, 2015 LA Times/Hoy Awards, 2015 Miss Universe, 2016 NBC The Voice Season 11 finale, 2017 She Rocks Awards, 48th NAACP Image Awards Nominees’ Luncheon Kick-Off Celebration, 2017 Writers Guild Awards, 27th Annual Night of 100 Stars Academy Awards Viewing Gala, 2017 Miss USA and many more.

Steven Escobar also gives back to the community by helping charities. From 2003 to the present, he has been raising money and awareness for AIDS Walk LA benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles now known as AIDS Project Los Angeles Health through team Diversity News 3960. Also in 2011 Steven Escobar raised money for The Life Group LA. Steven Escobar has volunteered for Exotifit For Humanity now known as We Care for Humanity and The Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Steering Committee.

Steven was nominated for The Shorty Awards 2011 and the People’s Choice Fan Award 2012. In 2012 Steven Escobar received the Humanitarian Award at the 2012 International Noble Awards. Also on June 2, 2012 Steven Escobar Received the Community and Humanitarian Services Award at Kayamanan Bayan for all his contributions to the Filipino American community in Southern California.

On 12-12-12 Steven Escobar received an award for the Most Fascinating Person of the Year. On August 4, 2013, Steven Escobar won the 2013 EOTM (Entrepreneurs On the Move) Award for Outstanding Internet Talk Show Diversity News Radio on Air with Steven Escobar. Yahoo.com named Steven Escobar one of the Hot 500 contributors during the month of March 2012.

On March 1, 2014 Steven Escobar received the following awards from City of Beverly Hills Mayor John A. Mirisch: The Diversity Award Certificate of Recognition from the City of Beverly Hills Mayor and City Council, and the County of Los Angeles by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles and City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition signed by the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti for his participation and contributions to the Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA).

On 7-23-2014, Esteban Steven Escobar’s publication Diversity News Magazine by Steven Escobar was nominated for The 2014 LGBT Hero Awards as Online Magazine of the Year 2014.

Also on November 22, 2014 Steven Escobar received a Certificate of Appreciation for his publication Diversity News Magazine from the City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the contribution and help to the 26th Annual Miss Asia USA and Mrs. Asia USA Cultural Pageants held at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in Redondo Beach, CA.

On January 20, 2015, Steven Escobar @DiversityNewsEE received a 2015 Nomination for Shorty Award in #category as Blogger even though he do not consider himself a blogger.

On June 2015 Steven Escobar received Certificate of Appreciation to him and Diversity News Magazine as well Diversity News Publications for over a decade of contribution to Southern California especially the City of Los Angeles from Tom LaBonge, Councilmember, 4th District and Herb J. Wesson, Jr., President, L.A. City Council.

On May 10, 2015, Steven Escobar received a trophy from Samira’s TV Show for Excellence in Journalism.

On 6-4-2016, Steven Escobar was selected to be one of the distinguish and celebrity judges for Miss/Mrs Perfect Lady USA 2016. Also on April 9, 2017, Steven Escobar was selected by producer Amanda Lee as one of her distinguish judges of the 5th Annual Miss North Hollywood USA & Miss Universal City USA Regional Pageant produced by Noho Productions in North Hollywood, CA.

Steven Escobar founded on April 2016, via Diversity News Productions Diversity Pageants in response to the controversy of no Diversity and Inclusive included in many entertainment award shows, television roles, modeling, media, government roles, movies roles and music, etc. Steven Escobar is the founder, CEO, President & Executive Producer of Diversity Pageants at Diversity News Productions.

On November 5, 2016, Steven Escobar from Diversity News Productions received a congratulations letter and Recognition Certificates from the City of West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister and Council! Also on November 5, 2016, he received a congratulations letter and Certificate of Recognition from Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian Representing the 46th California Assembly District.

Steven Escobar has been in the USA since 1989. He study at Virgil Junior High School, Mary M. Bethune Junior High School and graduated from Ulysses S. Grant High School in 1994. Steven Escobar also attended Los Angeles City College and Los Angeles Trade Tech College to study journalism.

Steven Escobar has 2 sisters and 2 half brothers and a mother. Steven Escobar currently resides in Los Angeles County in the city of Hollywood, CA. For more information visit http://www.stevenescobar.diversitynewspublications.comhttp://www.imdb.me/officialestebanstevenescobar or http://www.stevenescobar.blogspot.com

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Recording Artist Fawn Releases 2 Music Videos Wait For The Sun and Perfect Me In Response To Uncertain Times

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June 20, 2020, Hollywood, CA — Hollywood’s Award Winning and Hit Recording Artist Fawn releases 2 new videos. She also released a new song title “Wait For The Sun”. This song is about the uncertain times that we are living and we have been affecting us with the pandemic CoronaVirus 19.

It is very cool to see father and son John and Leo Palisano been featured on this excellent production by award winning and hit recording artist Fawn.

“Wait For The Sun. This song reflects these frustrating times dealing with the challenges in our world.” said Hit Recording Music Artist Fawn.

Wait For The Sun was credits are for Words, music and performance by Fawn®. Music video edited by Fawn and shot by John Palisano.

Also due to the recent murder of African Americans by Police Department in the USA. She release a video of her hit song “Perfect”

“Perfect. Is a song about striving to become the best you, you can be.” Concluded Fawn.

Perfect credits are for Fawn® Production and Mix by Malcolm Smith. Vocals recorded live. From the album Airwaves Vol.1. Video band: Guitar John Palisano, Guitar Bryan Gage, Druns Mike Zimmerman, Bass Troy Spiropoulos, Tambourine Leo Palisano. Music video edited by Fawn® ©Songirl Music, ASCAP. ©Stonedef Records, Inc.

You can watch the officials videos here:

Wait For The Sun


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Esteban Escobar Aka Steven Escobar March 2020 Elections Candidate Endorsements

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Esteban Escobar Aka Steven Escobar March 2020 Elections Candidate Endorsements

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