On October 10, 2017, Diversity News Publications, publisher of Diversity News Magazine and producer of upcoming Diversity News Magazine Awards are excited the unveils of a new fresh website design.

Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine started working on the news design since April 2017 and finally the product is almost completed.

Also Esteban Steven Escobar, CEO, President and Executive Producer of Diversity News Magazine has play an important role on Diversity News Magazine by been working in the categories layout, adding new compliance pages to the footer, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, new editorial content policy changes that are coming soon to the site. Also he has worked on the following new pages that are on the bottom of the page: Advertising Disclosure, Copyright Notice, User Agreement an Privacy Policy. As well, Steven Escobar has re-open the opportunity for past or new Contributor Writers, Reporters, Correspondents and Photographers to join the online and digital print magazines.

Diversity News Publications who also has their own website as DiversityNewsPublications.com will be getting a new fresh look and design too. Also other websites published by Diversity News Publications will be getting a complete makeover in the coming months.

About Diversity News Magazine:
Diversity News Magazine: Hollywood’s Worldwide Online Consumer News Magazine. Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity News Publications was founded in 2009. Diversity News Magazine is an award winning independent online and special digital print edition mainstream multi-media outlet. Diversity News Magazine’s mission and purpose is to educate and inform our diverse community worldwide. Diversity News Magazine is not targeting a demographic, we are inclusive and work with everyone. We focus on featuring and reporting local, national and international news, but more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our diverse cultures.

Diversity News Magazine provides you with the hottest and latest breaking local, national and international News, Arts & Entertainment, Awards Shows, Breaking News, Celebrity News, Entertainment, Fashion Shows, Fashion and Beauty, Healthcare, Features, Interviews, Music Concerts, Movie Premiers, Money, Red Carpet Events, Technology, Sports, Politics and more, including videos straight from the news makers and shakers. For more information visit: diversitynewsmagazine.org, Like us on Facebook at: Facebook.com/DiversityNewsMagazine, Follow us on Twitter@LADiversityNews and on Instagram @diversitynewsmagazine
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About Diversity News Magazine Special Print Edition:
DIVERSITY NEWS MAGAZINE Special Print Edition is published 4 times or more a year by Diversity News Publications. Diversity News Magazine Special Print Edition features the best coverage of the past quarter and upcoming entertainment events. You can visit the site at http://diversitynewsmagazine.org/aboutus/special-print-magazine/#.VpbJmRUrLy0

About Diversity News Publications: Diversity News Publications the company was founded in 2003, the website DiversityNewsPublications.com launched June 14, 2007. Diversity News Publications, is a news/entertainment multimedia firm.

Diversity News Publications media and brand assets are: DiversityNewsMagazine.com (online), Diversity News Magazine Special Print Edition (special limited print edition), diversitynewsmagazineawards.com (Diversity News Magazine Awards), diversitypageantsusa.com (Diversity Pageants USA), missandmrsdiversity.com (Diversity Pageants Organization), missdiversitynews.com (Miss Diversity News Beauty Pageants Magazine), diversitypbandmediasgroup.com (Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group), Diversity News Publications also owns Diversity News TV on YouTube, Diversity News TV on Vimeo, Diversity News TV on Ustream.TV, Diversity News TV Netwoks on DailyMotion, Diversity News Radio on BlogTalk Radio (online), Diversity News Hollywood (blog), Diversity News Online (blog), Diversity News Los Angeles (blog) and many more.

Also Diversity News Publications owns Diversity News Productions (events producer), Local Celebrity Los Angeles (Online & TV Production Show), Diversity News Printing Services, Diversity News 3960, Diversity News Magazine Cares, Diversity Recovery Systems, owner of the following social medias Twitter @LADiversityNews, Instagram @diversitynewsmagazine, Tumblr @dispatchusa, Pinterest @DiversityNews and various Facebook Fan pages and many more. For more information visit http://www.diversitynewspublications.com