Monday, February 24, 2020
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Celebrity Events Photographer, Blogger & Media Partner, Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA. About Gisele Rebeiro: Gisele has been on the the celebrity red carpet scene for the last 3 years and has been photographing for over 45 years. Gisele is known as the “Shooter Diva” for her eccentric costumes on the red carpet that stands out among her peers. Gisele Rebeiro is affiliated with prestige and well known media companies. She is currently regular contributor for LA Splash Magazines ( and celebrity photographer for Also Gisele Rebeiro is a regular contributor photographer and writer/reporter with Diversity News Magazine as Celebrity Events Photographer & Media Partner tru her own media company Gisele is also the executive producer of Paparazzi Comedy & Variety show held around Southern California. Gisele Rebeiro is marry to Idan Ozeri and lives in Southern California. For more information visit her IMDB at or at or Additional Information: Gisele Rebeiro: She have been accepted as official photographer which gives her the freedom to release photos to any media outlet including us and Gisele also publish her events and celebrities photos on PartyBy5.Com and she is the Executive Producer of Paparazzi Comedy held in various area of the LA County. She is a dedicate, responsible photographer and have been working with Diversity News Magazine and release free royalty photos to Hollywood and LA County Events Examiner of who reaches 22 million readers per month and now is partner with who reaches 2 billions per month. Diversity News Publications who publish this magazine and others are proud and honored to work with Gisele Rebeiro. For more information visit You can contact Gisele for Freelance paid work only at: