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David Harrison Levi Hollywood Con Artist

The purpose of publishing this legal letter here is to give notice and make sure that Mr. Levi have seen it and he must comply by law.

David Harrison Levi is upset at Steven Escobar because he wrote an article of an event he attended and saw the security at Cafe Entourage kicking out David Harrison Levi and his Followers.

Mr. Levi haven’t make arrangements with restaurant owners and all his followers were crashing at the restaurant and they have no interest in buying any food or drinks. So there were asked by restaurant owner to leave. However they refused, so the restaurant had to ask their security personnel to escort David Harrison Levi and his followers out of Cafe Entourage.

Also as we promise and by request from our Diversity News Radio listeners, you can see the copy of the letter mail to Mr. Levi by Steven Escobar’s Parker Stanbury LLP law office. David Harrison Levi needs to leave Mr. Esteban “Steven” Escobar alone.

This letter was draft and mailed to Mr. David Harrison Levi known address and copy was sent to Mr. Escobar.

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