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If you need a bike that has incredible linear acceleration, good torque, 74 horsepower and a super light chassis, they do not come any better than the Yamaha XSR700. However, straight from the showroom, this bike will meet your needs as perfectly. Still you might want to customize it a little bit in your own way replacing some of the stock parts with better aftermarket parts after few years of driving it. OEM motorcycle parts restore the bike to its original condition. Aftermarket parts increase performance, handling, stability and your riding comfort.

Here are some of the Yamaha aftermarket parts that you should get for your Yamaha XSR700:

Air And Fuel Parts

Stock air and fuel filters for the Yamaha XSR700 are good, but their OEM counterparts are even better. If you want more power, you will have to increase the air intake so that your bike burns more fuel.

Using a part finder website will bring you many options for places where you can get these parts. For example, a K&N air filter for your Yamaha can cost anywhere from $40. A BikeMaster fuel filter can cost anything from $10 dollars. Remember, it all depends on where you get your OEM parts.

Exhaust Systems And Pipes

Many people do not like the stock exhaust system and pipe that the Yamaha XSR700 comes with. It is easy to replace or improve this part. You may want to try slip-on add-ons, which will enhance the rumble of your bike.

Companies like MotorSport have full exhaust systems for this Yamaha bike. This will cost you a tidy sum of money but hey, anything for your bike! Slip-ons include chrome mufflers from names like Spark. A slip-on muffler can reduce the air intake restrictions to the engine. Other things that you may consider include exhaust decibel killer baffles for a more silent ride.

Aftermarket Brakes 

We all know that stock brakes do not give your Yamaha the best stopping power. Installing aftermarket brake pads and Kevlar/stainless steel-coated lines from aftermarket suppliers is a good option. HH brake pads, EBC brake rotor and Vortex brake and clutch lever kits are all good choices for your bike.

Dash And Gauges

With dashes, computers and gauges from Starlane, you can change the looks of your bike in a few moments. Data acquisition systems, Stealth GPS with Mapping, Radar and Laser detect systems and many more are available from aftermarket parts providers. You may even include the head unit and the sensors. From some of the parts that are mentioned here, you can see that just about anything on your Yamaha is replaceable.

If your bike has damaged any of the above, or even more parts, you can just buy OEM parts to restore it to its original glory. Buying aftermarket or OEM depends on your needs.