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Diversity News Magazine Org New Logo 2020


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Things have changed at formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom. As you already may know, 

About Diversity News Magazine: Hollywood’s Worldwide Online Consumer News Magazine. formerly DiversityNewsPublicationsdotcom founded in 2007, then DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom was founded in 2011, now is Diversity News Magazine is an award winning independent online and special digital print edition mainstream multi-media outlet. mission and purpose is to educate and inform our diverse community worldwide. We focus on featuring and reporting on local, national and international news, Arts & Entertainment, Awards Shows, Breaking News, Celebrity News, Red Carpet Events, Charities, Features, Fashion Shows, Parades, One on One Interviews, Healthcare, Movies, Politics, Sports and more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our diverse cultures.

Diversity News Magazine is not targeting a demographic, we are inclusive and work with everyone. We provide you with the hottest and latest breaking news, Arts & Entertainment, Awards Shows, Breaking News, News, Celebrity News, Entertainment, Fashion Shows, Features, Interviews, Music Concerts, Movie Premiers, Interviews, Red Carpet Events, Technology, Sports, Politics and more and videos straight from the news makers and shakers. For more information visit:, Like us on Facebook at:, Follow us on TwitterDiversity News Magazine Twitter and on Instagram Diversity News Magazine Instagram

The costs of running the magazine include yearly domain registrations, hosting, WordPress Themes purchases or updates, WordPress support, IT support, updates and more. For those reasons, event tickets as well parking tickets, we can not neither we are not publishing any press releases or articles with photos or embedded videos, unless we contacted your organization or company because we are interested in your upcoming event or your client’s upcoming event. 

Please Note that this policy does not apply to our current affiliates/merchants or media partners. So you can still send your emails and we will sort them out for action. However be informed that in the coming months, we will be sending affiliates and media partners a 30 day termination letter. Moving on we will only accept paid promotional products or sponsored posts, or articles/stories.

Effective immediately on 10-25-2017, formerly DiversityNewsMagazineDotcom published by Diversity News Internet Services is not accepting or publishing unsolicited press releases, articles or stories.

If you want to support our hard work, please consider advertising or sponsoring us at Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity Professional Business and Media Solutions Group. Please review our advertising and sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in advertising, have a press release, want to promote an event, service, product, website, brand, movie, music, etc., please view our rates and feel free to contact us to advertise with us. 

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