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ENSE Music Releases “Dark Day” by Marlon Saunders

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Singer-songwriter and record producer Marlon Saunders has released a new song “Dark Day” on ENSE Music.

“Dark Day” is a virtual collaboration with music producer, classical/jazz pianist and all-around synth nerd, John Manni.

John said, “I feel like we actually did something to be proud of, we created something that will make a dent in the world for the better, something to help continued change and give hope at the same time. There were zero egos involved, just the great creator’s work working through us and I am thankful for every single second of this process.”

Also Marlon Saunders said, “The song speaks to the complexities we are facing in The United States of America with systemic racism and systemic racism. The idea of Jesus singing the blues, for me is a very powerful image, allowing the mind to imagine Jesus having a dark hue that is not European.”

“I tried to weave what we are seeing in our country today—the senseless killings of black bodies, hoping conversations could be shared with the idea of honoring life and all black lives. I pray one day we will hold space that is not entangled in hatred.” concluded Marlon

Marlon is a Berklee College Of Music Alumni and veteran in the music industry. He has worked with various artists such as Michael Jackson, Cynthia Erivo, Lauryn Hill, Javier Colon, Billy Joel, Sting, Bobby McFerrin, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, Shawn Colvin, Nine Inch Nails, Jane Siberry, Shania Twain, Martha Wash, and Dance Theatre of Harlem and has toured and gathered singers and directed choirs for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith, Logic, Mondo Cozmo and Andrea Bocelli.

Marlon has contributed to the video game scene as well, particularly games made by Sega. He is best known for doing vocals on both versions of Knuckles’ theme, “Unknown From M.E.” in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. Marlon also performs on the soundtrack to the Burning Rangers game, singing one of the ending songs, “We are Burning Rangers” and has performed a Christmas a cappella version of “Dreams Dreams”, the theme from Night Into Dreams with a small vocal ensemble that can be heard during the ending credits of Christmas Nights as well as on its soundtrack.

Marlon also made a brief appearance in the film Enchanted as a calypso singer who sings “That’s How You Know” with Amy Adams and made a cameo appearance in Billboard Hit singer-songwriter Fawn’s song “Wait For The Sun Black Lives Matter”.

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Hollywood Hit Recording Artist Fawn Releases CD To Benefit Special Needs Animals

Billboard Hit Recording Artist Fawn
Billboard Hit Recording Artist Fawn.

On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, Stonedef Records announced that they are releasing a new album ‪this Friday, November 20, 2015 from the Billboard hit recording artist Fawn.

The album entitled, “Remnants” is an 11 song CD of original piano-based compositions written by the award-winning singer/songwriter and composer. Fifty percent of the proceeds ‪through December 31, 2015 will benefit The Pepper Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of senior and special needs dogs.

Fawn (aka ‘Songirl’) is recognized for her television, film, commercials, pop and dance songs, so this is a departure from her past musical endeavors. According to Fawn, “Even though I’m known more for my pop songs and dance hit, I’ve always written piano pieces, as well as many other styles of music, and I decided to compile some of my piano compositions into an album.” Another immense change is her easily recognized lady Godiva blond braids. This album cover shows Fawn for the first time, braid-less, with what she proclaims to be her “normal hair when it’s not tied up”.

With half of all sales from this album going to dogs, it’s no wonder the front of the album cover depicts Fawn with her beloved rescue dog (an American Eskimo appropriately named ‘Composer’), who lived to the age of 23. Fawn recalls, “He was the one true love of my life, who knew me better than I knew myself.” Fawn continued, “These are the songs that reveal my inner makings—the turmoil, the heart ache—they are the compositions I wrote when my feelings were so strong, that all I could do was sit at the piano and allow the emotions to flow through my fingers onto the piano. Those deep, heart-wrenching moments were so profound and personal that no words were able to come out.” Fawn concluded, “The music from this album poured out of my soul, like a river overflowing and these musical pieces are the result of my emotions and tears.”

President and founder of The Pepper Foundation, Julie Chadwick said, “It is a great honor that the amazing songwriter Fawn is sharing her music with the world and with us this holiday season by donating 50% of all proceeds to the Pepper Foundation.” She explained, “The Pepper Foundation is dedicated to rescuing special needs senior dogs from high kill shelters and we are very lucky and blessed that an incredible artist like Fawn is so generously supporting our mission.” Julie concluded, “With each purchase of Fawn’s album, you will be helping save another precious life and help them get the medical care and love each of them so desperately needs.”

Fawn explained, “I think Julie is very passionate about these little innocent seniors and special needs animals. She is compassionate, caring and gets them top notch care, meets their medical needs, finds them wonderful homes or fosters so they can be loved up until the end, like they deserve. She truly cares about seniors that families dump at the shelter, and the specialized dogs that get left behind. She will leave no stone unturned when it comes to their happiness, health and over all well-being. She’s just fantastic.”

To purchase the album go to iTunes at, Amazon, and other worldwide outlets or you can send a direct donation via paypal to:

 or ‪ ( with the subject: “Remnants” and the digital album will be delivered to your email address. You can also purchase Fawn’s 2 Holiday albums: “Angels We Have Heard On High” and “Ode To Amour” which will also benefit the Pepper Foundation.

About Fawn:

About The Pepper Foundation:

Alex Leon, Director of Marketing & PR
Linda England, Events & PR Coordinator
World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations
TELS: (818) 787-1249 or (213) 867-1997

EDITOR’S NOTE: Article published first in our publication Diversity News Magazine dot com and now is been re-published.


A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA

A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA

A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA
A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA

It was a night of Moroccan Magnificence Saturday evening, April 9, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California as Ingrid’s Cafe’ rolled out the red carpet for all their customers. The event was graciously hosted by Hit Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter Fawn, whose song “Wish U Love” went to #6 on the Billboard Dance Charts and won the JPF Music Award for Dance Song Of The Year.

“Our Moroccan Dinner Night was a great success! Special Thanks to Steven, Celebrity Fawn, and Maria Amor , Founder and President of Exotifit for Humanity and Exotifit International/Beauty Pageant Mogul. Awesome Night” said Ingrid Bedrosian, Ingrid’s Cafe Owner & Chef.

Running from 6-10pm, and some of the red carpet arrivals, photos and interviews included Maria Amor and all of the Ms. Exoti Lady World Pageant 2011 Candidates, Singer/Songwriter Fawn, Writer, Book Author, Modeling and Pageant Coach Jennifer Ross-Kilgore, Actor, Producer and Dr. Mark Valinsky, TV personality and host Joey Valdez, acclaimed publicist Steven Escobar, celebrated chef Ingrid Bedrosian and pageant contestants Ms. Exoti-lady USA Christine Ames, Ms. Exoti-lady Philippines Maricris Bautista, Ms. Exoti-lady Canada Lucie Volotzsky, Ms. Exoti-lady El Salvador Marie Bogacz, Ms. Exoti-lady Hungary Monica Farah, Ms. Exoti-lady Ukraine Elaina Berman, Ms. Exoti-lady Iran Samira Chatila, Ms. Exoti-lady America Dr. Linda Selvin, Ms. Exoti-lady France Sohelia, Ms. Exoti-lady Washington USA Nikki Storm and Ms. Exoti-lady Malasia Mercy Alpert.

A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA
A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA

After the interviews and arrivals, dinner was served with a short welcoming introduction by Fawn who thanked every one for coming. The dinner portion of the evening began with a traditional Moroccan hand wash in rose pedal water with the special water poured from a stunning solid gold Moroccan tea pot. The food included an appetizer, main course and desert with tea. During the dinner, Fawn presented a 5 Stars Sponsor Award from Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications to Chef & Restaurant Owner Ingrid Bedrosian for outstanding food, customer service, participation and community support to other local businesses, owners and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Linda Selvin who is representing Ms. America in the Exotifit Pageant stated that she “came out to support Ingrid and her cafe’, Maria Amor and Fawn who I adore and her music.” She went on to say that if she won the Exotifit pageant, she would “continue to do the work I already do on radio and in my private practice which is enlightening and helping other people grow in a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional way and to help integrate growth, stability and peace within themselves to help make a better world starting within themselves.”

A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA
A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA

Ms. Exoti-lady Ms. Malasia Mercy Alpert, said “Ingrid’s Cafe is such a beautiful place and we’re having a delicious Moroccan meal, I am enjoying myself-the food it is delicious and healthy.” Ms. Hungary Monica Farah said she was excited to come out because it was her first time to taste Moroccan food and her first time being in a pageant. Ms. El Salvador Marie Bogacz said that if she won the pageant, she would “like to help hungry children and children who suffer from cancer.” She went on to say that “It is close to my heart because of my nephew who is suffering from a low immune system.”

About Ingrid’s Cafe’:
Ingrid’s Bistro has been in business since 2006. It is truly dream the come true for Ingrid Bedrosian to have a petit Chateau where she can share her passion with her guests. Ingrid started with catering part-time while working in the Corporate World and Entertainment Studios full-time. She always dreamed and planned to one day have her own business and it happened in August of 2006. Her joy of cooking and baking for others is unlimited and you can taste the labor of love in every bite. All products are fresh and organic and arranged very elegantly.

The restaurant owner has catered to well known celebrities who have dined at her bistro. She has made her place into a very European comfort for everyone. It has truly become a hidden but known place in Beverly Hills in such a short time. For more information visit or

About Fawn:
Fawn is an award winning recording artist and songwriter. Her song “Wish U Love” made it to #6 on the Billboard dance charts and was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Fawn’s songs have been heard in The Natalee Holloway Story, Ugly Betty, Young and The Restless and many more. She won 2 coveted JPF Music Award For best Dance album and best dance single, and her song Wish U Love made it into the top 150 hit dance songs for 2009. He music video of the same song remained in the top music videos for 5 months on MTV’s Logo Channel. For more information about Fawn visit her official website at

Photos credit to: Daniela Hubbard from Daniela Hubbard Photography and

Editor’s Note: As of date of this story Ms. Exoti-lady America Dr. Linda Selvin is no longer part of the Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 competition. We wish her good luck in her career.