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Why Online Bingo is So Popular

Why Online Bingo is So Popular
Online Bingo - Diversity News MagazinePeople have such a huge choice when it comes to playing online games, it may come as a surprise to find out that more than 100 million people are registered on different online bingo sites around the world.

And whereas bingo used to have a reputation for being an old people’s game, according to information released by Tablet Bingo, it appears that bingo players are getting progressively younger. In 2003, 46% of players were under the age of 45, but in 2013, that figure had increased to 62%. Far from being an old people’s game, it would seem that bingo is now a game for the youngsters amongst us.

Why is it then, when there’s such a variety of games to choose to play online – and many of them for free – that so many people make the decision to sign up to play a game you have to pay to join in, and then only have such a small chance of winning?

There are lots of reasons why people choose bingo over other games. Here are just a few of them.

Bingo OnlineSimplicity is the key

When you choose to play an online game, you don’t necessarily want to tire out your brain cells to do so. There are plenty of times when playing an online game is more about being entertained than having to put your thinking cap on. For example, if you’ve had a busy and stressful day at work, or you’ve been at home with the kids and they’ve been asking you questions all day, it’s sometimes nice to have a game that you can zone out with, and bingo allows you to do just that.

The game has always been easy to play. In the bingo hall version, you’d listen to the number calls and mark off your cards as quickly as possible in order to be the first to shout bingo. Online, you only have to choose a game and the card (or cards) you wish to buy. The software does the number daubing for you; leaving you free to sit back and relax. The only tension you might feel is if your card is getting filled up and it looks like you might win – but that’s an exciting kind of stress!

We all like value for money

Although we might be willing to pay for our online gaming fix, we all appreciate getting good value for money – and that’s just what you get at the major online bingo sites like Winner Bingo and Instant Bingo. At Winner Bingo, for example, as well as offering a welcome bonus to new players who make a first deposit, there are also plenty of free games included in the round-the-clock schedule. Although the games are free, they still lead to real money jackpots, so they are always worth joining in. It’s the same on most of the major bingo sites – free games are a way of rewarding customer loyalty and ensuring that players won’t move to a different site.

You get to chat too

Part of the fun of playing online bingo is that as you don’t need to concentrate on the game, you get to socialise while you play. That’s why bingo is such a popular choice. You may find yourself at a loose end, bored with no-one to talk to – login to your favourite bingo site and you’ll have more company than you know what to do with in a matter of moments. Bingo chat rooms always have a fun atmosphere, thanks to the presence of a chat moderator as well as the other players. And when things get a little quiet, the moderator will often start off some chat games where you might win extra cash or a free entry to another bingo game.

For all these reasons and more, it’s not so surprising that so many people around the world enjoy bingo today.

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