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“Tombstone Pillow” Short Movie It Is Must Watch Because It Is A True Story

Tombstone Pillow Movie 2019
Updated poster of Tombstone Pillow Movie 2019

This past weekend, I saw the short movie Tombstone Pillow. Although it is short. you will definitely become inspired and learn something memorable!

This movie is mainly about people in the Philippines living in a cemetery, and a wealthy widow. The starring roles are played by executive producer, singer, author and actress Lourdes Duque Baron as Olivia and actress Kendra Sison De Mesa as Maria Del Carmen.

Olivia goes to the cemetery to visit her husband’s tomb and an angry mob meets her. She then meets Maria Del Carmen and asks her what she is doing at her husband’s tomb. Olivia and Maria Del Carmen have no time to talk because the angry mob is heading towards her. So, Maria Del Carmen helps Olivia to flee the angry mob.

After a couple of days pass, Olivia remembers Maria Del Carmen teaching her what has real value in life. So, one night she goes looking for her at the cemetery, but the people confront her again. Olivia tells them about her past and they leave her alone. However, she finds out that Maria Del Carmen has been dead for many years.

“Tombstone Pillow” features people living in the Philippines Manila North Cemetery. We should never take for granted what we have here in the US, because we are fortunate to live in a country where our “We the People” vote counts. Also, the US government cares about us.

Directors Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett do a great job by bringing an inspiring drama to the big screen. They also introduce us to actresses Lourdes Duque Baron and Kendra Sison De Mesa. “Tombstone Pillow” serves as a great learning lesson as well as entertainment. It is a colorful film with a very little cast and few plot twists. However, the timeline is a bit unclear at times. For a number of scenes, I felt things were rushed and it was hard to tell whether it had been hours, days or months that had passed since the last time a given character had been on screen. I think the directors should have used titles before new scenes to identify hours and days.

The one actress that gave this reviewer pause was Kendra Sison De Mesa. She seemed to have fun acting along actress Lourdes Duque Baron. It was laughable when she gave the sandals to Olivia to run in the cemetery and Kendra threw her Christian Louboutin shoes in the trash. I also enjoyed how she took Olivia’s Gucci sunglasses to wear them

You need to watch this movie to understand what happens with Olivia and why Maria Del Carmen dies so fast. “Tombstone Pillow” is worthy to watch because what they show is a true story. To watch Tombstone Pillow movie go to:


EDITOR’S NOTE: Full Disclosure; Esteban Steven Escobar is part of Tombstone Pillow movie production team.

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Kill My Coquette CD Review Features A Powerful Boom of Eagerness And Explosive Sounds

Photo courtesy of Natalie Denise Sperl

Kill My Coquette Lead Singer Natalie Denise Sperl

Upbeat Alternative band “Kill My Coquette” consists of four band members brings the rage of punk music alive.  The band member only needs are a few instruments to make each sound come alive and bring an outrageous beat for all rock/punk/ alternative music lovers to enjoy. Simple guitars played by Lead Guitarist, Dave Stucken and Mike Hejia on the tracks, provides the energy throughout each songs.

For instance, song “Sweet Baby Blooze”, starts off smooth and sexy, but in between lyrics performed by Vocalist / Guitarist, Natalie Denise Sperl, the guitarist enlightens the background of a rock and roll sound of the screeching guitar. You can have the softness and hardness that brings the song alive.

Drummer, Ty Dennis, slams on the drums for “3rd & Bonnie Brae”. For all who enjoy the sounds of drums on any set, you will be fascinated by the energy and charisma that he delivers to make the song sound energized.

Last song on the release is “Post Teenage Angst” is upbeat when the guitarist plays he starts off rough and fast with a mind blowing WOW!  Singer, Natalie slides in with a powerful boom of eagerness and screams to get her point across.

Who would figure a Hollywood artist such as Natalie Denise Sperl from Los Angeles, California starts a band after modeling and acting. Her dad’s music collection made her want to pick up a guitar and start a band.

Get your copy today and enjoy the raspy vocals of Natalie and the explosive sounds of the guitars and drums of each sound track version. Produced by Danny McGough, and label by “Kill Devil Hills Entertainment”.  Five tracks for your enjoyment.

Kill My Coquette includes the following tracks.

3rd & Bonnie Brae

Festival Boy

Sweet Baby Blooze

Close to Me

Post Teenage Angst

Current line up however is:

As date of this cd review, the current line up are:

Natalie Denise Sperl – Vocals/Guitar

Cody Jones –  Lead Guitar

Mike Evans – Bass

Kelly Hagerman – Drums

It is recommended for all rock and roll and punk music lovers.  You can find more information at Also you can visit Natalie Denise Sperl IMDB at

By Stella Gomez, Diversity News Magazine.

Stella Gomez is a photographer and event blogger. For more information visit her media site Disco Stella’s Photography at