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How To Clean Your Jeep’s Rooftop Tent After Camping

After you have had a successful jeep rooftop camping trip, you will want to clean your tent before storage. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, cleaning your gear all the time is one of the prices that you have to pay. However, this is nothing as compared to the fun that you get outdoors. Even if this is your first time to clean a rooftop tent after camping, with the actionable tips that you will get here, it will be easy.

Remove all the superficial dirt

If they are dry, they should come off easily. However, they will leave visible stains in the spots where the dirt lumps had stuck. Get rid of the dust, you know, the general dirt that a tent collects when in use.

This is sticky dirt, you know, things like mud and bird droppings that you can scrub out. This is usually the first step to take towards cleaning your jeep roof top tent. With a blunt object, gently scrub at the sticky stains.

A soft-bristled brush should do the job just fine. You may also vacuum the tent to get rid of all the superficial dirt.

Cleaning a tent that has mildew or mold

If you have been camping in moist conditions, it is possible that the tent developed mildew and mold. There is not always enough time to dry the tent before packing it away in its storage pack or carry bag. When you store a wet tent, you create a perfect recipe for the formation of mildew.

You must clean off the mildew in the soonest possible time. You should open the tent fully and clean it with a Lysol (or any other) cleaning solution, just make the Lysol cleaning solution about one cup to one gallon of hot water.

With a sponge, dub this hot solution onto the tent, let it stay a bit and then rinse it off with a lemon solution. After that, just let the tent dry in the sun, making sure to straighten out all the folds so that the sun gets to all places.

Cleaning a tent that smells

When you pack a wet tent and let it stay too long, mildew (as explained above) can form a nasty smell on the tent. Believe it or not, nothing is nastier than a tent that smells! You have to get rid of the smell because if you do not, you will never use that tent again.

There are many causes of a smelly tent. One, it could be the usual dirt and grime of which there is more than a fair share when camping. Secondly, it could be mold and mildew and thirdly, it could be the polyurethane breaking down (mostly happens with old tents).

Hang the tent to dry through the smell. That is right, a clothesline and pegs. You can then take the tent through the cleaning procedure for taking off the mildew and the mold. However, after that, you will have to clean the tent specifically to get rid of the smell.

A vinegar mixture (homemade) is a good remedy for odor. So is a store-bought enzyme cleaner, and there are many of these. Because bacteria usually cause the nasty smell, the enzyme cleaner is going to kill the bacteria. Just wear gloves to protect your hands. Also,ensure the enzyme cleaner is organic so that it doesn’t eat through your tent. The best mixture should be a half-ounce of enzyme cleaner to 20 gallons of water.

Give your tent some good aftercare

Dry the tent under the sun, and then do proper sealing of the seams, and … you may have to reapply a polyurethane coating, if it was worn out.

These are some very useful tips you can use to clean your jeep’s rooftop after a camping trip. Tuff Stuff 4×4 is a great place to find all kinds of roof top tents, winches, bumpers, camping gears and accessories and so on.

Reasons Why Vehicle Depreciation Will Rise in 2019

Being in the vehicle business is a sensitive affair that requires the calculation of risks. As people buy new cars, they are concerned with the resale value ranging from a few years after the purchase to several years. Fleet management companies, especially those dealing with high-end services spend a lot of money to buy state-of-the-art vehicles but lose a lot of money when selling them or disposing of them.

Typically, the used vehicle market is unfair to car owners. For certain reasons, the rate of depreciation for vehicles has been expanding in recent years. If you are in a business that deals with vehicles, you should read this article to know the main reasons why the depreciation will rise even more in 2019.

More Vehicles Manufactured

In 2018, more people bought their first cars than in previous years. This number is expected to be on the rise this year. As a result of this, the manufacturers are now producing more vehicles than ever. This means that used cars are growing in number as well. Consequently, it is now easier to find someone who is willing to dispose of a used vehicle by selling it than in previous years. According to experts, this competition in used car sales has brought down the price of used cars and increased depreciation.

More Fleet Companies

Fleet owners are now spending more money to refresh their vehicles and add new ones. It is easy to find these vehicles being auctioned all over the internet at low prices. Fleet companies that are purchasing new vehicles want to sell their old vehicles as fast as possible to get money for other operations.Although these used vehicles have added features like GPS, dashcams and touchscreens that were bought and installed by reputable experts like like EyeRideOnline,the vehicles are expected to sell at lower prices than ever in 2019.

Design Changes

Recently, vehicle manufacturers have been making numerous changes to the vehicles. Surprisingly, the face-lifting of designs has everything to do with how vehicles depreciate. It is a no-brainer that people want to drive attractive vehicles that make them stand out on the road.

In 2020, over 60 percent of vehicle manufacturers are expected to change the designs of their popular models. Actually, most of them have offered a glimpse of how their next generation vehicles will look. According to analysts, many first-time car buyers would rather wait for one more year to buy these vehicles. This will cause more depreciation of used vehicles in 2019.

Vehicle Technology

As manufacturers develop more sophisticated vehicle technology solutions, the previous models tend to depreciate at a high rate. According to the trend, there is always new technology that is being added to the newly released models. In this regard, no one wants to buy a used vehicle with few features to enjoy while the new ones have better options.

In 2019, the rate of depreciation of used vehicles will be on the rise as people chase the latest generation of vehicles. In fact, these latest vehicles are offering more and better features than ever.

Buying Guide for Yamaha XSR700 OEM & Aftermarket Parts

If you need a bike that has incredible linear acceleration, good torque, 74 horsepower and a super light chassis, they do not come any better than the Yamaha XSR700. However, straight from the showroom, this bike will meet your needs as perfectly. Still you might want to customize it a little bit in your own way replacing some of the stock parts with better aftermarket parts after few years of driving it. OEM motorcycle parts restore the bike to its original condition. Aftermarket parts increase performance, handling, stability and your riding comfort.

Here are some of the Yamaha aftermarket parts that you should get for your Yamaha XSR700:

Air And Fuel Parts

Stock air and fuel filters for the Yamaha XSR700 are good, but their OEM counterparts are even better. If you want more power, you will have to increase the air intake so that your bike burns more fuel.

Using a part finder website will bring you many options for places where you can get these parts. For example, a K&N air filter for your Yamaha can cost anywhere from $40. A BikeMaster fuel filter can cost anything from $10 dollars. Remember, it all depends on where you get your OEM parts.

Exhaust Systems And Pipes

Many people do not like the stock exhaust system and pipe that the Yamaha XSR700 comes with. It is easy to replace or improve this part. You may want to try slip-on add-ons, which will enhance the rumble of your bike.

Companies like MotorSport have full exhaust systems for this Yamaha bike. This will cost you a tidy sum of money but hey, anything for your bike! Slip-ons include chrome mufflers from names like Spark. A slip-on muffler can reduce the air intake restrictions to the engine. Other things that you may consider include exhaust decibel killer baffles for a more silent ride.

Aftermarket Brakes 

We all know that stock brakes do not give your Yamaha the best stopping power. Installing aftermarket brake pads and Kevlar/stainless steel-coated lines from aftermarket suppliers is a good option. HH brake pads, EBC brake rotor and Vortex brake and clutch lever kits are all good choices for your bike.

Dash And Gauges

With dashes, computers and gauges from Starlane, you can change the looks of your bike in a few moments. Data acquisition systems, Stealth GPS with Mapping, Radar and Laser detect systems and many more are available from aftermarket parts providers. You may even include the head unit and the sensors. From some of the parts that are mentioned here, you can see that just about anything on your Yamaha is replaceable.

If your bike has damaged any of the above, or even more parts, you can just buy OEM parts to restore it to its original glory. Buying aftermarket or OEM depends on your needs.

Facebook Response On Porn Photos and Sexual Videos Appearing on Users Wall

Facebook Response On Porn Photos and Sexual Videos Appearing on Users Wall. After getting hacked and seen so many of our  loyal readers and friends on Facebook regarding uncomfortable and unwanted Porn Photos and Sexual Videos Appearing on their Facebook Wall‏.

We decided to contact them on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 with the following email:

“Not sure if somebody have brought to your attention the for around 3 weeks we have seen multiple porn photos of man and female showing in our Facebook Walls. Also we notice your website is not secure anymore. Can you please provide me a reason what is happening and what are you doing for resolving this problem? You know the minors are on Facebook and for them to see man or female private parts is not right at young age.”

Here is an Example of somebody on Facebook posted the following concern:

Richard Merrill


Facebook Response to Diversity News Magazine:

Immediately their press agents representatives responded to us with the following important information:

“We’ve identified many of the actors responsible parties and we will ensure appropriate action will be taken against those responsible. ” said Facebook spokesperson.

Also, here is an earlier statement from Facebook that describes more background on what happened.

“Protecting the people who use Facebook from spam and malicious content is a top priority for us. Recently, we experienced a spam attack that exploited a browser vulnerability. Our team responded quickly and we have eliminated most of the spam caused by this attack. We are now working to improve our systems to better defend against similar attacks in the future.

What happened?

During this spam attack users were tricked into pasting and executing malicious javascript in their browser URL bar causing them to unknowingly share this offensive content. No user data or accounts were compromised during this attack.

Our engineers have been working diligently on this self-XSS vulnerability in the browser. We’ve built enforcement mechanisms to quickly shut down the malicious Pages and accounts that attempt to exploit it. We also been put those impacted through educational checkpoints so they know how to protect themselves. We’ve put in place backend measures to reduce the rate of these attacks and will continue to iterate on our defenses to find new ways to protect people.

What people can do to protect themselves?

1.            Never copy and paste unknown code into your address bar

2.            Always use an up-to-date browser

3.            Use the Report links on the site to flag suspicious behavior or content on your or your friends accounts”

About Facebook:
Founded in February 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment. Facebook is a privately held company and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Source: Facebook press agency

Editor’s Note: So do you remember if you see some pornography on your friends or Facebook fan pages Sexual Videos report it and do not think they are sick is just somebody hacked to their accounts and contact them immediately.